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Frequently asked Questions about Air Conditioners

You do not know whether to choose a portable air conditioner or a fixed one? You do not know what is the right temperature or the type of maintenance to do? The doubts are always many when it starts to get hot: we have answered five frequently asked questions and if you are thinking of buying one thanks to us you can save money. In case of more doubts, you can visit

Is a Portable or Fixed Air Conditioner Better?

The portable air conditioners in general are less efficient than the wall split because they are often a mono block, also to allow you to get the heat out of the room you are forced to leave a gap (for the passage of the tube) and this compromises the air conditioning of the room. Consider that they are often noisy by having the compressor in the room where you are staying.

What is the Right Temperature?

The best temperature, even for not exceeding consumption, is around 25 °C, but it is always better not to fall below 6-7 °C compared to the outside because an excessive temperature jump can be dangerous for health. Electricity consumption, moreover, is less if you use air conditioning at a higher temperature.

What kind of Maintenance Do I have to do? Are there any obligations as for the Boilers?

There are no legal obligations for plants under 12 KW or for domestic systems, but our advice is to check the refrigerant gas and battery cleaning, so that it is as efficient as possible. The frequency of checks depends on the hours of use. If you do not use it often (even in winter) you do not need to do it often, but about every 3-4 years. Every year, however, clean the filters under running water and with bicarbonate. For servicing your air conditioner, you can also visit

Is there a Difference between the Water of the Indoor Unit and That of the Outdoor Unit?

There are no differences. You can reuse the condensation water for cleaning, to water (not always because it is demineralizing and therefore poor for plants) or for the iron, but in this case follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Do Air Conditioner Filters Remove Viruses and Bacteria? Are They Useful for Those Allergic?

The important thing is to avoid the stagnation of water where bacteria could proliferate, such as Legionella, but the risk in domestic systems is very low. Several manufacturers propose filters that should break down any bacteria and viruses in the room, but at the moment there are no studies that demonstrate their effectiveness. Taking into account the volume of air in the room and the continuous air exchange of the rooms it is difficult to hypothesize that the air treatment process can lead to real benefits for an allergic person.

Why should you choose to buy your wedding dress early?

After a wonderful original wedding proposal from your mate, you are already starting to think about finding the perfect wedding dress. And you’re right, it’s better to go early because finding the rare pearl can sometimes take time. Indeed, it would be a shame to rush and regret your choice later.

In order for the fitting session of your wedding dress to be as pleasant as possible and also the most productive, it is necessary to proceed in logical order.

Here are few essential tips

Tip # 1

Before you go into the fitting of your dress, make the location whether in magazines, shops or on the internet. Look what are the trends, what you like and what you like least. Once all these ideas in mind make an appointment in the shops to try your dress. Take into account your budget to avoid unnecessary fitting if the dresses exceed the budget. In order to know more about wedding dresses for girls, seek help online.

Tip # 2

It is better to be accompanied by a friend, by your mother or a close person who will have a sincere and objective judgment on your fitting. However, do not be too many at the risk of getting too many opinions and getting lost.

Tip # 3

Before going to the shops to do your fitting, think about getting ready a light make up to look good, get waxed, choose a pretty white lingerie or color pulpit, take shoes with heels, and have a hair. You will have a better opinion of the dresses that you will try if you are in good conditions.

Tip # 4

When you visit the shops, direct your budget directly to the saleswoman to have no surprises at the end of the fitting of a dress that you liked, you may be disappointed or exceed your budget!

Tip # 5

When trying on a dress, consider moving, trying to sit down or even trying to dance. It is important that you are comfortable in the dress that you will wear all night.

Tip # 6

The day you decide to go try wedding dresses take a whole day to not be stressed. Also inform the person (s) who will accompany you. This will allow you to take the time for each dress and thus have a sure and not rushed opinion.

Tip # 7

Finally, take a camera with you. Some shops do not allow making photos but for those who allow it do not stop you from taking photos. This will allow you to see you in the different dresses and possibly in the dress of your dreams.

Because the choice of outfit is very important for the big day, some tips may also apply to your future spouse in choosing his wedding attire. Once you have chosen your dress, you will only have to relax before the big day and try several types of wedding makeup to be perfect on the day.